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The first generation of TETRA networks was deployed in 1997, hundreds of TETRA networks have been deployed across the world today. TETRA largest market is that of public safety, security forces & the Military where the trend is for the deployment of nationwide networks shared by all public safety organizations for reasons of economics, autonomy of operation for routine communications and the ability to fully interoperate with other services during emergency situations and disasters. 
The main characteristics of TETRA are: the simultaneous transmission of voice and data messages (also in protected mode); and the possibility of making individual, group and general conference calls. TETRA rationalises the voice traffic based on priority indexes, enabling the system to avoid bottlenecks.

The benefits of TETRA include
- Security                                                    - Flexibility (TMO/DMO)
- Reliability                                                 - Voice/Data and Text Messaging
- Interoperability                                        - Spectrum & Power Efficiency 

TB3 TETRA Base Stations

The TB3-series base stations can help you with the challenges. They are sensitive and powerful. Use them to build excellent radio coverage without black spots very cost-effectively. .Learn more..


TB3p mini TETRA base

The TB3p can help eliminate the last gaps in radio network
coverage used, for example,
indoor or outdoor. The system can be used in standalone or connected to a main stationLearn more...


Users' TETRA units

A wide range of handsets and fixed communication units to choose from for any kind of usage or environment. Learn more...


Technology Partners

MOTECO is the exclusive partner to AIRBUS Defense & Space for all Base Stations and mobile handsets. For TETRA airborne terminals, COBHAM is the trusted partner 

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